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We are pleased to present the 2019 speakers for the Fall Conference

         2019 Fall Conference Main Speakers

 History of The Bible and The Church                         Conference     

Chris Pinto - Adullam Films

Chris Pinto founder of Adullam Films began for the purpose of chronicling through film and video production the chief evidence of our time that proves the Word of God the Bible is true and that Jesus Christ is coming soon. Chris is also the host of the Noise of Thunder Radio Program, where issues of history and the bible are the chief topics of discussion and debate, dedicated to defending the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

David Daniels BA.,M. Div., Chick Publications

Trained in Bible linguistics. After twenty years of searching the Hebrew and Greek texts and studying the history of the bible, He concluded that the King James Bible is God's preserved word in English. Once he understood that the King James Bible is the words of God in English, he became a literalist who believes the bible without reservation. Has written a number of books on the subjects and creates the Chick Tracts that are so widely used in evangelism.